3. Cold as ice - 12 February 2013

Belgium, Germany, and the next stop would be Croatia. On our way through Europe we decided to use couchsurfing as  1. It is winter and too cold to camp  2. Sleeping in hotels isn’t really our style of...[more]

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2. Time for take-off! - 10 February 2013

After a lot of delays we finally left Belgium. We said goodbye to our family and friends and a few tears later (not from our eyes of course!) we hit the road. Our first stop would be Munich. Everyone had told us that there would...[more]

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1. Challenging the mud - 3 February 2013

As we’re total 4x4 dummies and we bought ourselves a 4x4 to travel through Africa (crazy us!) we thought that it might be a good idea to just learn a bit more about how to actually drive a 4x4. So on a very grey and rainy day...[more]

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