Who are we?

The People

Eef and Dries, both Belgian met each other in December 2010 when they had to give a course together in the Chiro (equivalent of Scouting). In the beginning they didn’t like each other at all! But luckily after a while, they started to enjoy each other’s company. Too bad, because Eef left Belgium to move to England for her job as a veterinary nurse. Romantically, Dries quit his job in Belgium and followed Eef to England. They took a risk, but since March 2012 they have shared love and life. The passion for travelling was already something they had in common and the passion for animals gently reached Dries. After a lot of thinking they decided to leave England to go and see the world, sharing their passion.



Eef was born in 1987 and from a young age she’s been passionate about animals. Eef made from her hobby her job and became a veterinary nurse. Because she’s always been eager to learn and enjoy challenges, she left Belgium shortly after graduating to start as a veterinary nurse in a clinic in England. In her last year of university, Eef decided to go to Australia for an internship, inspired by the variety of animals and the stories of travellers she met, she decided that she would go and see the world!



Dries was also born in 1987 and like Eef he’s been in Chiro since he was a little kid. Dries has always been very committed to people and decided to become a social worker. Dries’ motto is ‘I love to help people, because alone we can’t stand a lot, but together we can stand the world’. With this motto Dries decided to go and see the world and try to help people along his way.


The Carrot

Mister Carrot was adopted a few years ago by Eef and Dries in England. Since he’s been adopted, he goes everywhere with them. He has seen a lot of places and is seen in a lot of beautiful pictures. Mister Carrot will be the guideline (don't know what you mean here? The "guide"?) through the trip.


The car

Our car saw the light in 2000. As a Toyota Landcruiser he is a big boy! Actually he's from England, but he’s been adopted and moved to Ninove (Belgium). He made a few trips with his previous owner, but when he got a new car he left the Landcruiser alone in a big hangar (do you mean garage? A hangar is for aeroplanes normally). After two years the previous owner thought that the Landcruiser needed a new owner and he sold it to us, hurray!